Our policy 


To replace or return a product due to failure or regret, you have 7-working-day term, from the effective delivery. 

For product delivered wrongly, broken, kneaded, scratched and similar, our term is 2-working days from the receipt. 

Observed the terms above, you just get in contact with Ricambi commercial department that will provide you with the procedure to be followed. 

It is important to highlight that we do not attend replace or devolution requests of any product returned without this communication, out of validity or without the items/ accessories that were included with the product. 


When to refuse the product 


We receive the products exactly as the manufacturer forwarded. If you find any issue as the descriptions below, you can refuse the delivery and write on the back of the Bill of sale (Danfe), the reason why you do not want the product any more: 


The package was open or damaged (kneaded, wet, sign that is was not appropriately transported); 

The product arrived broken, kneaded, scratched and similar; 

Product non-compliant, i.e., you noted that the item is completely different from the one you purchased; 

Parts or accessories lacking. 


If you noted one of these issues after the product was received, you have 2-working-day time to get in contact with us. 


Notes on devolutions 


The product shall be returned in its original package or similar; 

Without signs of use, breach of manufacturer original seal. 

Along with the bill of sale (Danfe) with the reason why it is being returned written on the back of the bill; 

Also with the manuals and all the parts/accessories that follows it. 


Term to conclude the replace process 



Within up to 30 calendar days, counted from the product receipt in our head office, to check whether the request is within our replaces and devolutions policy. 


Devolution of the value paid 


The product devolution will be in the same payment modality. In other words, if you paid with: 

credit card: the card administration receives a notice and, then, you will be reversed of all the value of the product returned at once, even if you have chosen to pay on installments. 

You may check the reimbursement of the credit card invoice, which will have the credit 

The reverse term depends on the credit card administrator, but keep following it because, general, the value appears up to two invoices, generated after your product devolution request. 

bank slip or debit on account: we deposit up to 10 (ten) working days on the bank account that performed the purchase, which cannot be a joint account. 

CPF of the bank account holder has to be the same of the one from the order, which is also the same as the registration of the person who purchased.